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Prime alkaline water purifier

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PRIME 501 - V The Industry Leader in Alkaline Water Ionizer Technology High Performance Mesh 5 Plates MAX Large Plates A New Larger 5 Plates MAX Next Generation SMPS 300W Power System Smart & Premium Tauch button and wide display panel Sleek & Compact design Advanced Mioom computer system Widest range of pH and ORP Dual internal filters with filtration system BPA Free tubing installation Complete auto-diagnosis system puma warm lDNiZEF-E 5 PLATES New Larger Ultra Effi ient Multi-Level Electrolysis chambers Prime Water lonizers with Mesh plate delivers an electrical current to lhe water through an array of positively and negatively charged Plalinum coaled Titanium plates. The more the water passes in and out oi the Titanium Mesh system and lhe greater the electrical charge to the water (especially when powered by the newer SMPS power systems) - the higher the pH (potential oi Hydrogen) and lhe ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) oi the drinking water. w. MAX Power " SMPS System Fully Adjustable Power Up to 300 Watts ionizing power gives you the best pH and —ORP Vrorn your particular water source. SMPS provides more power, greater efficiency, and ultimate durability. Advanced Mioom computer system Premium Multi-Stage Media UgL.F.iltration System 9 ~ ' .2... l V, 5.4; V L ‘ ‘ mime»; \\ CLEAN & FRESH ” The Prime Water dual filtration system is made up oi multi level stage specialized media filter and a premium activated carbon tilter. The Premium Activated Carbon filter is structured to improve the reduction 0' heavy metals and fluoride tound in many city water sources. The silver activated carbon portion of the filter kills bacteria and keeps them tram growing within the filter and being passed through to the electrolysis chamber. The multi level stage sediment filter reduces additional sediment particles in the water maintaining the lite and pertonnanoe 01 your water ionizer. Complete auto-diagnosis~ system 1680 Programmable 3} pH and ORP Levels ‘ Prime Water ionizer oontinually monitors internal operating systems, N v‘ ' ensuring that you are immediately notified in the highly unlikely event I ' L ' . _ .' of a problem Prime water ionizer allows you to program nearly any pH and ORP combination, ‘ k so as to customize your pH and ORP to the level that's right for your - This feature is essential due to the wide range at tap water quality in the world. This special fealure has been, unlil now, only available a much more expensive ionizersv This enables you in canimi the flaw ntwaler easily on yo r ionizer which in turn affects the strength ofthe Alkaline water an -0RP. The slower the water flow the more tlme the water has to be altered by lhe ienizalien process.

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