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The human body must keep its pH within a very narrow range in order to survive and function. The 'normal' range is 7.35 - 7.45 for arterial blood (which is where we measure it medically). Even within that, we (medical professionals) tend to get nervous if we see the numbers edging into the lower or higher ends therein. The definitive 'normal' pH for blood is 7.4. Give or take very, very little. I promise you that if you are walking around, functioning, talking, conscious, your pH is 7.4 or very close to it (meaning maybe 7.38, 7.41, etc.). Your body is going through constant and incredible lengths to maintain this. It does it via your breathing; the CO2 you breathe out every few seconds rids the body of acid, which is why when you hold your breath you turn red and pass out -- the rise in acidity will, that quickly, dilate your blood vessels and create internal imbalances that make consciousness impossible. When you hyperventilate, the opposite happens; you lose too much acid to balance out the alkaline and the suddenly alkaline (higher) pH is every bit as incompatible with consciousness, which is why you get lightheaded and will soon faint in this case as well. The human body will not tolerate an out-of-line pH in either direction; the cells and metabolic processes cannot function. contact for alkaline water alkaline ionizer alkaline ionizer water best alkaline water 0161-5107788
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